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Gods gift, Kava.

Although there are many legends surrounding the awakening that is kava, our story begins on the Island of Maywoe. Land of the Kings, with folklore of Gods gifting the people of earth with abundances & punishments rooted on worldly karmas.

We begin our story with a pair of orphaned siblings. Living organically by the shackles of the jungle. Life was challenging for these children, but the tropical beauty and island abundance made life fruitful.

Sadly, one day the young boy found his sister lifeless. He honored her life by creating a grave; less common than they. Adorned with exotic stones, wood and flowers found in the deep dark jungles of Tonga. The boy enjoyed his tribute for his sister and visited often. As the years passed, a single plant, sprouted from her grave. Unlike other plants, the boy, enjoyed watching this tiny green bloom grow. But then, something happened.

A tiny lizard nibbled on the roots of the plant, only to become limp and what seemed to be lifeless. The boy, now a man. Confused and conflicted by grief, chewed the bark too. Astonished, his mind quickly awakened.

The lizard hadn’t died.

This was a gift from the Gods; left in his sisters' honor. This was Kava.

A sprout of life, that soon became a sacred drink that molded the oceanic region into a sacred place, where the plants from the Gods would grow and mortal life would be a bit more blessed.

-Burma Kava Company


ALSO! In honor of our appreciation for the curious lizard critter, Burma's new late summer line, features the lizard from our story! Stay tuned!

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