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 a sacred drink

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Piper Methysticum or KavaKava is a root from the perennial evergreen shrub in the pepper family native to the South Pacific Islands. Across the Pacific, kava root is enjoyed both recreationally and ceremonially and has been used for medicinal, religious, political, cultural, & social purpose for centuries.  

where kava originated
fajian men enjoying a kava ceremony

the national drink of

women in asia enjoying a kava ceremony
how some kava root bundles begin

why Kava?

Well, kava has a lot of health benefits!
Its key phytochemicals have anti-inflammatory & anticancer effects, in addition to well-documented neurological benefits that are rich in antioxidants,  directly from the earth.  

Its medicinal effects contain substances called kavapyrones that will boost your mood and help you feel calm. Kava lends itself to a relaxed social setting because, while it has anxiety-relieving & muscle relaxing properties, it doesn’t affect cognitive function.

When filtered and mixed properly, kava is a powerhouse drink.

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