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What's in the name?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Burma Kava Company was established in 2021 by 3 best friends in SW Florida.

Our why:

Isa vibe. Energy is real, it can be measured and felt. Creating a respectable, comforting, and peaceful environment for our community, followed with the intention to do better, be better, and to give back was our ‘why’. So naturally, we needed a name that would represent our brand, mission and style, something meaningful.

Picking our Name,

We had quite the journey landing upon a name that would be our face and guiding light through SWFL. Our Original plan was completely derailed, but sometimes obstacles arise for the better, and that being said, although getting on our feet was met with much contempt, we are proud to say we gracefully went with the flow. And just like all good VS evil stories, the battle was unjust and goodness prevailed.

The rain clouds didn’t last long and before you knew it we were back on cloud nine, finally and officially naming our new business

Burma Kava Company.

So why Burma Kava?

Although our travels have yet to bring us to Myanmar; formally known as Burma, that in itself creates a healthy rostrum of admiration.

We wanted the oceaniac/asian influence to dominate our brand because that’s where our plants originate. We wanted to have a mission, based on giving back, something that would enrich our world, a rooted society brought together by mutual missions of betterment.

So we searched until we found, this land of the lost filled with sensations of peace & glory. That would be our name.

Many people will tell you that falling in love with Burma will change your life, and she did, and we cant wait to share her story with you. She’s our, never never land.

That's why, our mission, the brand, our vibe....Burma Kava Company.

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