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Ashley Tyler Tolisano & Dr. Joe Tolisano


Burma Kava Company was established in 2021  and is currently owned by Dr & Mrs Tolisano.

Meet Joe:  The accomplished chiropractor and entrepreneur, Dr. Joe Tolisano “Doc”, is the driving force behind Burma Kava Company. With an extensive background, Doc has had the privilege of working with esteemed organizations such as the US Olympics and various professional sports teams & figures. Joe began his journey by completing his undergraduate at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he excelled as a baseball player on the inaugural team, before completing his doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University in Georgia. After his beginning entrepreneurial years on Captiva & Sanibel Island,  Joe then opened The Chiropractic TruHealthDr in Colorado, which became the number one office in all of the Rocky Mountain region. Joe is a versatile business mogul and has a bright and ambitious mind for business. Combined with his passion for helping others, Doc discovered his love for kava a few years ago and decided to dedicate his talents to perfecting its medicinal properties and flavor through meticulous recipe development to bring you an unforgettable tea and experience alike. Thus, Burma Kava Company was born. Beyond his professional achievements, Joe has a passion for education, expanding his mind with travel & studies of diverse interests.

FUN FACT: When not revolutionizing the kava industry, Doc can be found indulging in his love for animals and the automotive world, adding an extra dose of excitement to his already dynamic life

Meet AshleyThe visionary, designer, & style behind Burma Kava. Ashley created everything you see here at Burma with the help of her amazing team. Ashley grew up in a small town in Colorado, booming in industrialism and full of a vivacious Chicano culture. Coming from a family of creators, her gifted eye for design and her love for the arts molded her professional artistic career. Ashley is an accomplished musician & photographer, whose entrepreneurial career is as unique as they come. Ashley studied at  Colorado State University Pueblo for music performance, before relocating to Denver where she created her first business, Tyler Models, a safe modeling network for young talent. then later, additionally adding another avenue of photography; Ashley Tyler Studios where weddings,  travel, and notable publishing stamped her place within the industry. 

FUN FACT:  One of Ashley's long-term goals is to complete her first book, a perplexing take on thought-provoking philosophies.



At Burma Kava we do things differently here...we care. We want you to experience how plants can heal with a environment equally as mending. Burma's Botanical Teas  offer herbal healing, like mood menders, naturally Euphoric blends, & pain relief. This is raw holistic healing... it's the Burma Buzz.

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